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“ORBIS” Overseas Royal Business International Solutions has been leading in real estate business since 2014. We are providing real estate facilities and services to our valuable overseas clients in the real estate field. ORBIS give expert advice about where to invest conveniently in local residents and in commercial properties all across Royal Orchard Projects of HRL and FDH. We are dedicated to excellence in performing services and meeting and exceeding customer expectations for schedule, budget, and facility operations. As a prime international real estate company, we address the needs of our International clients across the globe in an efficient way, that’s why over the years, “ORBIS” Overseas Royal Business International Solutions has been known as one of the best real estate company in Pakistan. Our free consultancy service is also viable for local and foreign investors.

Ch Shabir Kakrali

I am a Pakistani and found a company in Pakistan that could protect the rights of Overseas. So I am the founder of ORBIS real-estate & marketing this is the number one Overseas real-estate marketing company and has been offering its services regarding real estate for many years for all overseas Pakistanis. Because it is evident from the meanings of ORBIS is Overseas Royal Business International Solution. ORBIS Known is from his work so Investment with ORBIS is the Security of the Future. ORBIS has a solution to every problem because ORBIS has a working experience team. We aim at providing facilitation and transparent information to the valuable Overseas Pakistanis who are away from their homeland and desire to invest or purchase any property in Pakistan. Because of its geo-strategic location and marvelous resources, Pakistan can become the land of opportunity. It’s that time of year: Everyone is frantically locking in the agenda for Selling & purchasing of property. We are already doing this type of work & JV with leaders bring their teams together to communicate the Fiscal Year strategy. We are responsible for creating and communicating the Corporate Strategy. In this role, you need to clearly articulate the corporate strategy to the organization. This should include things like objectives, goals, mission, and how the organization is going to win. ORBIS Real Estate & Marketing corporative strategy sets the direction for the entire company. Everyone should hear this from the CEO and have it reinforced by the leadership team. When teams don’t have that direction, they will make it up on their own. As a CEO we should be reviewing how the organization did over the last year. This should be a recap of how the company performed against last year’s objectives and goals. A couple of things to discuss include where the team performed and fell short. The key to this role is to be genuine and transparent. The performance from last year helped create the strategy for the new fiscal year and provides context for decisions. Have expectations gone up and left you wondering if you can make your organic revenue goals? Here is a Revenue Growth Diagnostic tool that will help you understand if you have a chance at success. Take the Revenue Growth Diagnostic test and rate yourself against SBI’s sales and marketing strategy to find out if your top-line revenue goal is realistic.
General Manager

Ch. Nasir Shabir

According to me, the purpose of our company is to given all the services to their clients so that their trust will be maintained throughout their life. These are the main points that we can use to win the trust of our clients, and we can say this is the primary aim of ORBIS Real estate & marketing. 1-Giving Informational care 2- Attract attention 3- Create Awareness 4-Influences the buying behavior of consumers. Doing all of the above things with fashion icons and spreading the brand of quality is the main objective of ORBIS Real estate & marketing. Introducing ways to earn by Marketing of your project by Advertisements and by developing the linkages with clients and customers to the investors. To be old fashioned? Than try ORBIS Real estate & marketing, to have a sense of style. ORBIS Real estate & marketing is the revolutionary company that accomplishes different zones of comforts as couture and cynosure of display of small level business to high-level zone as well as the corporation of different projects of marketing as it leads towards the betterment of purchasing whatever you need and whatever you imagined that is fit for you. The only way of agile is ORBIS Real estate & marketing that helps you to select apartments, offices, shops, hospitals, schools, malls, plazas, spas, and commercial things and also help you to sell & advertising your local or trademark business at international level. We use the tool of Advertising through social media for developing public relationships for online marketing too. That will help in the way of branding and publicity of the product or project. As everybody writes his or her own price tags by introducing the new means of introducing yourself to the market. Moreover, you can online contact the focal person of ORBIS Real estate & marketing that will lead you towards the destination of your goals. By putting into a nutshell I will include that ORBIS Real estate & marketing has everything that you need and want to buy and sale and also for exposure of your current status and updates you at the world-wide universal level. Stay in touch with us for further consideration.


What is ORBIS? ORBIS Real estate & Marketing is one of the best overseas Pakistan’s leading real estate corporations. ORBIS is offering magnificent types of real estate property such as luxury living homes, plots, residential & commercial plazas, and corporate offices to its customers since 2014. However, it has 35 years of profound and inescapable roots in Italy. With the developing requirement for lodging and undiscovered potential in the land part of Pakistan, then Gathering presented ORBIS Real estate & marketing and promoting to give customer situated administrations. ORBIS Imprint entered the market with new spirits of polished methodology, genuineness, responsibility, and development to give earnest consultancy administrations to its customers. Now we are working with Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Restricted since the start of our excursion. By and by, Imperial Plantation is one of the main undertakings of HRL as a team with ORBIS. Because of our common comprehension and our extraordinary exhibition in past ventures. We are functioning as Platinum Deals Accomplice of Capital Keen City Islamabad which is a glad undertaking of HRL. We are standing separated from the market by developing customary strategic policies into cutting edge methods. It causes us to follow changing patterns and requests in the market. We plan to modernize the land business. Abroad Pakistanis put resources into different divisions of Pakistan and effectively take an interest in income age and the economy of Pakistan as unfamiliar trade however amateurish customary property vendors neglected to satisfy the necessary help.


The mission of ORBIS is the social consolidation and community building of Pakistani’s around the globe with the aim of building a stronger and progressive nation. We aim at helping in the establishment of stronger community networks among overseas Pakistani’s. We accept that a beneficial and productive business is needy upon our partners. An enduring and effective business must be accomplished by protecting our customers’ advantages. Brief intermittent dealings are not part of our plan of action. We generally endeavor to assemble long haul associations with our customers. Offering fantastic types of assistance involves courses ORBIS. It guarantees our business manageability in years to come. We generally give ground reality to our customers. We use to help our customers with momentous thoughts that are upheld by hard realities and hard examination. Besides, we have a solid and positive working environment condition. ORBIS is resolved to make the entire group fruitful. Straightforwardness in dealings and thoughts is the thing that we generally make progress toward.
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